Art by Sharon M Svec


October 5th, 2020

I’ve just completed work for a show at Art At The Cave titled “Politiks: The Art of Deception.” My piece turns it’s cheek on the red team/blue team rhetoric. And while I wholeheartedly do think it is extremely important to vote during this election and to attend the world in which we currently live, I couldn’t help but explore alternative and achievable realities. Realms in which we could get out of this whole mess all together. You can see my work in person at Art At the Cave, or through their virtual gallery. Click “New Work” below to see an extended description of my thought process in putting this together.

Earlier in the year I worked on small prints for masks being sold through Most Everything. I’ve also been offering UV dying classes through Sew Op Maker Space. I’ve enjoyed being a guest speaker for the Creative Wearables group, and am honored to have been asked by the Society of Washington Artists to serve as juror and judge for their Fall show. I was also interviewed by Felida Fine Living magazine for an article published in September.

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